What is Web development?

Web development is a wide area of expertise, it is a term used to broadly define the work done or the back-end processes (the non-design process) involved in website creation i.e. coding and interactions. It includes processes such as scripting/coding, content development, e-commerce, or search engine optimisation, to name a few. The process may range from a simple one page website to a full e-commerce website or social network.

Client-side scripting/coding, also known as front-end coding (HTML, Javascript or Flash), refers to the scripting that the user's browser (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) will execute to display a website. Server-side scripting/coding or back-end coding (PHP) refers to the script sent to the browser by the server. This script sent to the browser is displayed as HTML.

The coding or scripting of a website forms the structure and support for its contents. The contents in are essential in creating a dynamic, visually interesting and informative website. A lack of valuable content may result in a lifeless and non-engaging for users. The contents may include one or a combination of the following: text, graphics, sound and animations - to list the main and most common components.

Web developers focus on the functionality, programming and usability of a website and are experienced in scripting/coding languages such as PHP, Javascript and HTML. They generally specialise in both client-side coding as well as server-side coding - as defined above - and may also be trained and skilled in web design and SEO.

Why e-graphics?

E-graphics developers are skilled in web development, web design and SEO. This means that we will take care of all your web needs and requirements for you. Our team are highly skilled and up to date with the latest development and market trends as well as technological advancements to ensure that your an effective and appealing website in a contemporary market.

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