What is Web Design?

It is no secret that having a website is an essential marketing tool for your business and can take your business into offices and homes all around the world. The public of modern society have evolved to rely more on the web and search engines to find the information they need. People are fussy however, and require that their website provides the information they need in a simple and logical manner in a way they can enjoy.

Web design is the process of establishing how a website and its web pages will look as well as how they will function. There are many elements included in the design of a website, these include navigation, structure, layout, graphics, fonts, content, colour and interface design. Another important part of the design process is usability. A web designer should consider the user and the usability of a website as well as aesthetics throughout the design and development process. Users want to navigate easily without getting confused or lost.

When researching the user in a more direct and accurate way, a web design process may also incorporate user experience design principles to ensure effective usability. It is important for the designer to be aware of characteristic behaviours of the user, which is why research and understanding of the target market are essential in the design process.

A web designer works closely with the client and is concerned with the visual design and functionality of a website in order to ensure client and user satisfaction, displaying the correct functions and requirements, as well as the correct brand identity. The goal is to create a uniform design with visual consistency and enjoyable aesthetics and well as fluid and simple funtionality and usability.

It is important to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the industry. The World Wide Web is developing so fast and new development knowledge and techniques must be developed regularly in order to ensure a contemporary design with features and aesthetics that will not only engage and attract the user but provide a simple and logical interface.

Web development is the process of building a website from its inital design into a fully functional website, using various coding languages such as HTML, PHP or Javascript. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has also become an important and valuable tool for web developers due to the reality that most users navigate the web via search engines - Google in particular. Therefore knowledge of SEO tehniques are alueable in order to implement them into the content, design and development of a client's website. SEO is an important process to be considered by the client in order to improve their website's Google ranking.

Why e-graphics?

E-graphics offers all of the above techniques and design processes to our clients. The result of this is a consistent and effective website that will attract prospective clients. Our web designers and developers are constantly research new techniques and methods to improve their skills in order to provide our clients with current web technology and designs.

Web design is a skill that needs to be developed over time and cannot be designed effectively without sufficient knowledge of web requirements and what works and doesn't wor. E-graphics has a great deal of experience in designing and developing websites. As a result, we consider all the necessary constraints and set backs of the World Wide Web and browser compatibility from the initial design all the way through to development to ensure visually enjoyable designs and effective and logical website functionality.

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