What is Graphic Design?

The dictionary defines graphic design as "the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books." Graphic design is however, a bit deeper than that. When executed properly, it is a powerful tool in relaying messages and making statements aimed at particular target makets, it is visual representation and skilled graphic designers can represent just about anything visually, from concepts and ideas to emotions and feelings to values and morals.

It involves finding a solution to a problem by combining specialised skills including: creativity, innovation and knowledge of communication with various elements such as colour, imagery, typography, shapes, etc. to arrive at an effective design solution.

There is more to graphic design than simply creating a pretty picture, a pretty picture with no meaning is worthless and ineffective. In order for design to be effective, the clients' goals for their product or service, as well as their competitors and the market they are targeting must be understood to deliver a solid design solution depicting meaning and depth.

Design applications range from the simple kiddies party invitation to large corporate campaign media such as billboards, business cards, corporate branding, company logos, posters, magazine spreads, brochures, letterheads, presentations, catalogues, flyers, presentation folders and much more.

Graphic design and E-graphics

E-graphics is a graphic design company based in Johannesburg, South Africa with over 10 years experience. We specialize in graphic design in all of its forms and guarantee quality designs and service, because we understand how important each and every graphic element is in the big picture.

We understand that your advertising/graphic material plays an important role in influencing your target market's perception of your company or product and the value they attach to it. This is why we dedicate a great deal of time and effort to understanding each of client's goals and their target market's needs.

The E-graphics' designers hold years of experience and are creative, skilled individuals who strive for perfection. We are not only passionate about design but are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology advancements. That means that we deliver current and effective designs so that you and your company can reap optimum benefits in style. We are also well aware and informed about the markets and what various groups enjoy, interact with and ultimately want, placing you and your company a leap ahead in communicating with your target market. We enjoy working closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction and to avoid disappointment, after all, there are many alternate opinions and perspectives that need to be considered.

If you or your company are looking for a professional graphic design company who is passionate about what they do and strive for customer satisfaction, then the contact us for a free quote.

Graphic Design Services

Corporate Identity
The combination of a strong, distinctive logo and marketing material make up your company's corporate identity. This assists in distinguishing you from your competitors as well as creating a trusting relationship with your clients and instilling pride in your employees.

E-graphics understands that it is important for your CI to communicate the right message in the marketplace and portray the values and services which are unique to your company, and place you above your competitors. It is for this reason that we work hand-in-hand with our clients throughout the design process to develop a strong and unique concept to be proud of.

Brand development
Growing your brand is key to success. Having a consistent and strong brand in many different avenues of design and marketing opens numerous doors in the marketplace. E-graphics will ensure that consistency and strong branding reigns in every piece of marketing material we design for your company.

Print design
We pride ourselves on creating great looking designs that work effectively. We will see your job through from the initial idea through to the print and deliverables.

E-graphics has 15 years experience in print design, many hours have been spent signing off proofs as they come "hot off the press". We are hands on and overlook the entire lithographic print process with a trained eye.

Packaging design
Great packaging is an effective way to sell your product. It is essential to understand your target market, as well as your brand, in order to create packaging that stands out. As part of our aim to ensure your satisfaction, we take it upon ourselves to thoroughly investigate these factors, to provide you with great packaging that holds a strong message and brand identity to successfully drive sales.

We offer unique, creative designs that work, as well as a start-to-finish service, which means that we take care of everything, from the initial design to print and delivery, relieving our clients of a great deal of unnecessary stress.

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